Why I Choose To Fish With Mark

Fishing with Mark.

In the build-up before your arriving one has various concerns  mixed with excitement and hope to land the big one. My concerns were soon removed and replaced by complete contentment.

I have undertaken 5 trips with Mark and would like to share my experiences for those who may wonder why they would choose to go with him.

Being based in South Africa, I would arrive around midday in Lusaka and leave the airport to board a micro bus arranged by him to travel to the Zambezi. On board there is always a choice of your favourite drinks or beverages, very important for those hot days in Zambia.

On arrival you discover Mark  has organised and prepared for all eventualities, nothing is too much trouble for him or his longstanding Skippers.

What I enjoyed was how friendly he was and the fact that I was getting great quality at a reasonable tariff.

The boats are in excellent condition as is the fishing gear and bait supply, if not more importantly the boats were fully equipped with safety gear and well cared for engines, never once did I fear that an engine failure was possible. On all the trips, safety was always on the agenda whether it was having extra fuel on board or avoiding the many Hippos which if unhappy can become aggressive.

I will keep the fishing stories to a minimum other than to say that Mark likes to vary the species targeted, the top of the list being the Tiger fish,  I was fortunate to enjoy many a Tiger fight .

A trip with Mark will definitely leave you with great memories and feelings of you wanting to go back for more.


Trevor Wishart