A Truly “Reel” Adventure

Mark, I have now being fishing with you for about Ten years on the Zambezi.

I just had to let you know, every time I have had an amazing fishing experience on your boat. I have to compliment you on your boat & fishing tackle that you provide on the trip. It is top quality gear that won’t let any fish get away.

Also your expertise regarding the knowledge of the river and the fish in the river. The way you worked the different fishing spots until we have caught a nice big Tiger or other species. We have always caught so many fish on our trips. The handling of the fish really opened my eyes. Watching you release the big ones really increased my confidence in knowing that these fish will survive and remain healthy.

Then there are the river bank braais. We have cooked up some mean lunches on the banks of the river. I guess that’s because it was the perfect thing to do when you have a hard day of fishing. Even on the few occasions that the whole family was involved on a trip, everyone went home happy. Because of your high regard for safety on the river, I will not hesitate to bring the family back for a tour. I want to thank you again for these trips. These will always be good memories.

I will definitely be recommending your guided tours to many!  Very professional, yet fun and relaxed!

These fishing tours are truly “reel adventure”.

We’ll be seeing you soon!



Jannie Grundlingh

South Africa